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john leonard piascik


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Not  that it REALLY matters but I thought that the R&D development would like to know and possibly fix an issue using KONTACT STUDIO DRUMMER that after going through support at native instruments, which those guys have it going on. regarding the multi out put in kontact is compatible in the lite version of studio drummer to get the separate out BUT using the FULL Nki. samples is not compatible for getting the separate outputs. I feel that the team might want to address this issue and see if they can fix the glitch. The team at NATIVE gave it a go and confirmed that the glitch is in CAKE. I am also have a crash when loading virtual instruments of the program crashing and wanting to save the part before the crash and closes down. could it be that my sample rate needs to be raised. it doesn't happen when I'm recording. It happens when building a session loading tracks. 8 virtual drum tracks. 1 Bass audio track, 1 guitar audio track and sometime when i try to add another track the program crashes, any thoughts. doesn't do it all the time but its happened more the once. Best regards to everyone and have a happy turkey day and rest of the holiday season. looking forward to any responses out there. if anyone know hot to forward  this to the CAKE TEAM please do. 








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