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Saint M solo debut - “The Logarithm”


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Hey folks!


I’m not so active in the forums anymore but have been doing a lot more music work the past few years. However, I managed to craft this little solo debut since my band decided to call it a day. This is the video from the single and the full EP, “I’m A Giant”, is out everywhere today.


I hope it’s ok that I’m posting about it here.


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Thanks for checking it out! And I’m happy you like the mix. I haven’t mixed my own metal stuff in years because we always sent it elsewhere, so I had to relearn quite a lot - and I had much cooler stuff to use this time😎

I appreciate you taking time to listen and  comment! 

stay safe

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. I know it is a bit harder than what’s normal around here. But it’s my thing;)

and Lynn, if it matches your mood these days, feel free to rock out hard to it! It’s therapy music 😂


stay safe, lads! And thanks again

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