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Are quick groups OK for you? (Latest release)



Hello guys.

I'm trying the latest release and here the QUICK GROUPS (CTRL+"Parameter click") are behaving kind of weird for me.

Here are some of the problems I can see (have not been able yet to reproduce 100% of the time, but still... )

I've seen these "problems" while testing ADDICTIVE DRUMS2. I've inserted 2 instances in my project. One using the "old" multi-out instrument insert method and the other using the "newer" INSTRUMENT PER TRACK OUTPUT method. (So, both instances are MULTI-OUT PRE FADER from the instrument).

I'm playing the VM using only its internal pattern play button. So far, I thought I could notice a different behaviour based on how I inserted the 2 instruments. Not so sure now.

Here what is happening on my end

CONSOLE VIEW - Input gain knobs

  •  Parameters not always updating accordingly
  • After some other tweaks with other parameters (not grouped), Input gain knobs values seems to changes randomly.


Also, I'm even starting to wonder if there is not some kind of bug with the input gain know itself.

Sometimes, my tracks / Buses in Cakewalk are clipping. So, I'm tweaking to correct using the GAIN knobs... Sometimes I am cutting as much as -18 DB and the readings on the meters are just slightly impacted. (Both for tracks and buses)...

I'm going crazy or what? 

Project on my OneDrive:




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