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Cakewalk can become the best DAW

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Here is a small list of what, for me, could be improved in cakewalk to become the best DAW. I will repost ideas in this topic.

- Processor management: always looking to improve cpu performance, there is nothing more annoying than a crashing DAW

- Appearance of the software: The software is really great but it uses png images among other things. when we move the software we see graphic lag appear. it's a shame because it is very beautiful but lacks this graphically stable side (like a studio one oubien ableton live for example)

- Master track  that would always have a view of the audio output level ( like cubase )    Cf image master view

- Section mode for the arranger: a section editor that would actually allow you to use the section adding section to the arrangement,    only show the selection section in different page

creation mode and loop editor: be able to vre and modify audio loops 5 everyone uses audio loops Have a loop editor (greatly improve the loop constructor in cakewalk: choose the start and end of the loop, move the audio, cut it etc ...)

I will send you my ideas (hoping to see them in cakewalk) Thank you

master view.png

section editeur.png

boucle editor.png

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