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30 minutes ago, Michael Martinez said:

thanks for the toontrack drum link, that looks like a good reference, I'll bookmark it

as per progtronic, my understanding is those aren't samples, he actually engineered those sounds. But I could be mistaken.

yea, could just be my bats-speak,

they are pure recorded 'sounds', technically 'wav' files, but are triggered by midi. i call those 'samples'... that's what toontracks calls them.

it's an incredible program, raw samples of killer kits, that you can then pull thru their own mixer, which has studio quality effects that you can apply to each drum individually, you can define how much of the room mics are in the mix, how much bleed from the kit into the other mic, etc, ad naseum.

electronic drums too, and you can even use your own samples.

i always wanted to make a kit with all the pots and pans in my kitchen.


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