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New November bonus gifts at pluginboutique

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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Eventide Quadravox, D16 Group Drumazon, Mastering the Mix ANIMATE or Reason Rack Plugin

Bonus Gift after purchase of a paid product

(and yes, cclarry already mentioned these bonuses in the Virtual CZ thread but I thought it would be clearer in its own thread, with people commenting on what's good to buy in order to get the freebies)

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4 hours ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

I know I got Reason Rack and I think I got Quadravox as a freebie, so.... Drumazon? 

Same thought on my end, other than my question is would I ever even use Drumazon?  Seems unlikely .   Only use Quadravox a couple times, but out of the three - seems like maybe for another Ilok seat for it.  

Pretty sure Reason Rack lets you install on more than 2 machines.  

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PB knew what I already owned so narrowed down the choices.  Seems like a new feature.  Deciding between Drumazon and Animate, I decided for Animate.  I liked the tutorial videos and I have so many drum machines I decided another 909 was probably not the way to go for me. 

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