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I have been using AZCrtrl with the BCF2000 with the  MCU preset I modded (with heaps of help from Alexi - azslow) to work with the BCF2000 in MCU Mode,  and it works fantastically with  latest CWbBL .   I can do everything I want except three small things which would be handy.   I would like to be able to:

1)  Control the Show/Hide  ProChannel control  (small arrow head at top of each strip) 
2) The ProChannel enable switch for each Channel strip.   
3)  Enable/bypass Effects bin   (the feature was just added to the CW MCU plugin).  I don't think the CW MCU plugin is really very usable for me compared to using  AZCTRL with my MCU/BCF2000 preset.   

If anyone is using the  latest AZCtrl - 0.5r9,   do you know if it exposes these controls ?  I can't find them  but I might not be looking in the right place?

Also posted to AZCtrl forum but there is not much activity there.

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1. I've tried to find out how to do this. The only say is to use the Keyboard Shortcut,but ig only works if the Focus is on this small arrow. No way to switch through the parameters especially to this parameter.

I do change the Pro Channel Parameter without opening the PC modul. I have all parameters on  the AZ Display! I can open this with a Button LongPress.

Much faster😀

2. I don't think this is in SDK, never seen this.

3. I have not integrated this in my preset yet,but I'm looking into it. Tell you this tomorrow.

Send you a s small video from working with PC Modul in my preset tomorrow too and I can help you doing this with your preset!


Link to my preset, not yet finished,IM still working on the parameter display...



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To 1 again:


The Bakers must have repaired the Shortcut. Tested it at the moment. But.....

You have to first make the track active (Click on the name). Then select the track(Click on the number) and then use the Keyboard Shortcut.

You can assign any Keyboard Shortcut in the Preferences--> Console Shortcuts --> View ProChannel (or something like that).

So for the Shortcut to work you can do in the AZC Preset.

1. Focus the Track View

2. Make the Track Active (Select Strip +1 Volume in the preset)

3. Use "," to select the track

3a. Shortcut CTRL+I to open PC in Track View

4. Move the Focus to console View (I have Shortcuts for Next/Previous TAB, means

                                                              I Press CTRL+SHIFT+Right and then CTRL+SHIFT+Left, then Console is in Focus)

5. Use your Shortcut to open PC


That's weird:( 

So much better to not have to open the PC and use the AZ Display!

Looking for Screencapture Software then I'll send you a video....





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HI again:)

So I tried to upload a video to Youtube, but it's very unsharp, now here a link to OneDrive:

(For better Quality download the video!)


What I do:

1. Open ProChannel and Editing Gain, Q and Frequency, then Compressor, Tube and Console Emulator, Sliders and Buttons for 4 Banks of Novation

2. Change Tracks

3. Open Display and do the same

You can see in the first row of the display:

a) Track, Name, Parameter Name, Parameter Value

b) Rotors 1-8

c) Values Rotors 1-8

d) 9-16, 17-24

e) Measure, Markers

f) Sliders and Values

g) Buttons and States

Reaction is a bit slow, but this is the Capturing Software I think!

4. For a short time you can see the 3 other Banks of Preset 1 (of 4) 

     a) same

     b) Input Gain 1-8, Pan 1-8 and Volume 1-8

     same with Sliders and Buttons 

5. I close ProChannel and you can see that the PC of the selected track is edited with only the display

6. Switching through the tracks and the Track names and numbers are changing

7. Close PC and open Multidock and 8 Tracks PC

8. Editing 8 Tracks simultaniously now in my Preset 2:

     a) Bank 1 Bass

    b) Bank 2 LMF

    c) Bank 3 HMF

    d) Bank 4 HF

9. Buttons for 4 Banks (With Shift Button) 

10 Compressor with Sliders

11. Closing PCs

12. All Parameters in the Display, no need to open the ProChannels

Just pause the video to see details or look at my preset Post.




Edited by Heinz Hupfer

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Wow that's quite impressive.   You're doing a lot more then I am  but it looks like the Novation has a lot more controls then the BCF2000.  I'd be very interested to have a look at your preset.  I still get a bit confused with all the AZCTRL syntax, especially if I haven't modified anything for a while.

With BCF 2000 in MCU (Mackie mode) my preset  is setup quite similar to a standard MCU.   BCF has 8 motorised faders, 16 switches (2 above each channel),  plus another 12 switches for general stuff like transport controls, bank and mode switching etc and   8 rotary pots that also have a switch function.   

I wont' go through all the modes and controls, but to control PC EQ I switch to EQ mode.  On the selected track, Rotary pots 1-4 are frequency controls for LF, LMF,HMF,HF (and Rotary pot switches enable relevant band),  faders 1-4 are gain for same.  Rotary 5-8 are Q for same.  f5 is HP  freq,  f6 is HP slope, f7 is LP freq and f8 lp slope. The rotary pot switches plus the modifier switch enable/disable  all the other stuff that's left over eg.  Gloss,   LF Type, HP, LP,  and select  the type of EQ.

Plugins are all controlled via AZCTRL ACT.  I can control all PC and normal plugins.  If  I don't like the default control assignments,  I use AZSLOW's  excellent ACT utility to re-assign controls in the order I want them.     I only use the ON screen display as a 3 x8 because that suits the BCF pretty well and doesn't take up too much screen  space.

Thanks for sharing all this - its very interesting to see someone fully utilizing AZCTRL like this.   It would be great if Cakewalk Control Surface presets worked this well but seems unlikely to happen.

PS:  I  used the keybinding,  as you suggested, to show/hide PC and it works quite well.  



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You could do much more with the 8 Faders if you use Shift, Long_Press or Double Press with 1 or more Buttons.

Perhaps 2 Buttons would do a lot more on Double Press and Long_Press, so it would be a Shift 1, Shift 2, Shift 3, Shift 4.

Not that complicated to do....

Perhaps EQ in Normal Mode and Compressor with Shift 1, then the rest with Shift 2  a.s.o.






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