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Rescue at Sea

Byron Dickens

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This is something I wrote back when I was in school. It was originally conceived as a film cue for a class I was taking. I tried to just realize it as it was on paper but found that it did not sound the way I thought it did; it was a real mess in places. So, I set about to rework it and naturally it took on a life of it’s own and ended up completely reorchestrated and greatly expanded.

I wrote it out in Muse Score and exported it as MIDI. I then opened it in SONAR and spent a godawful amount of time  tweaking it. Then I used Miroslav Philharmonik 2 to play it back. "Mixed, " such that it was, in Mixbus. I had rendered each section (Strings, Brass, Winds & Percussion) separately to better adjust the balance among them. Also a bit of mild parallel compression with IK Multimedia's Fairchild model.


I think it came out okay.

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Very nice. I don't like classical music much except for stuff from about 1870 - 1930, but your music tells a story, and keeps my interest. It's rhythmically interesting, harmonically interesting, changing moods, changing tempos. One of the rare classical pieces I would leave turned on if it happened to come on the radio or something. Not just saying that either. I truly it find it pleasant to listen to.

Seems pretty nice from a sound quality perspective too. The only thing towards the beginning was in the strings that are panned left, I feel are a little dead, maybe some reverb or something on those would open it up. Other than that, can't think of anything else to improve it. It stands nicely on its own the way it is.

Would like to hear other things you might have to share.

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Hey, Byron,

This is a really beautiful cinematic composition with lots of cool twists and turns and a really well textured soundscape!😀

The orchestration is very detailed and really well done, and Miroslav sounds genuinely authentic.  The mix is crystal clear, wide and panoramic.

Excellent work, Byron, I could easily imagine hearing this as a soundtrack to a dramatic film!👍

Great stuff! Have a good one!

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