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Seeking more flexible control surface integration

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I perform live with Cakewalk. A project file will typically host several audio stems and software instruments. In some situations, I want to simply control two different plugins using faders/knobs on one of my MIDI controller keyboards. One project has a sweepable filter on each of two audio tracks. With ACT, there is no way I know of to allow for control of each of these at one time.

I know about the option of using "configure as synth," but this plugin (Waves OneKnob Filter) does not take that setting for some reason. I set it for both the VST and VST3 entries for the plugin in CW Plugin Manager and restart... and after all plugins are rescanned, it does not show up as a synth with MIDI connections. Going back into CW Plugin Manager, the "configure as synth" button is found to be unchecked. Even if it worked, this wouldn't be an ideal situation... with it requiring an additional MIDI track and extra effort to configure.

It would be nice to have a control surface mode where, instead of allowing a "lock" to a particular instance of a plugin, all sliders/knobs could simply be locked individually to whatever they are set to control from whatever plugin each was assigned to. This would be *much* more useful for live situations than the current ACT behavior, which is better suited for recording/mixing.

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