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Consistency between windows and controls

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Something that has always drove me nuts were the inconsistencies of the keyboard controls between the windows and panes.  There are many of them, but just off the top of my head, in most windows, zooming is done with ALT+ mouse scroll.  But this doesn't work in the PRV drum pane.  Zooming can only be accomplished by the on-screen zoom controls.

Another example, that just has to do with adjusting controls on all selected tracks (pressing the CTRL key and changing volume or pan, for example).  Many controls work with this method, but something that doesn't is the ability to enable/disable the FX racks on all selected channels.  The CTRL key doesn't work.  Instead, I have to enable and disable them one at a time.

Just one more example :) In the track view window, I can adjust the height of all selected tracks using the SHIFT key (which really should be the CTRL key) and dragging the track height.  But this doesn't work with the buses.  Again, I have to adjust these one at a time.


This would be greatly appreciated, and I think this would help the workflow...at least for me, that is.



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