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Fixed Export Markers

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I always record one 'song' per cakewalk file.   During recording, there may be unnecessary parts of the recording before the real start/end.  I will create markers for the Start and End, but this may change during production/arranging.   I don't want to delete everything outside start/end because these sections may be used at a later date, so don't want to lose them, they just aren't necessary 'at the moment'.  I could be exporting the same 'selection' many many times over the course of a production, with different mixes or arrangement, but the start/end markers do not move.

At the moment, every time I want to export a new mix, I have to :

  1. Select All
  2. Go to Start marker
  3. F9 (From = now)
  4.  Go to End marker
  5. F10 (Thru = now)
  6. File/Export/Audio
  7. Select Preset
  8. Enter name.
  9. Export

I can't just 'export audio', because that will include silence at the start and end of the track (which could be minutes at either end, depending on the track in progress).

I just noticed the new 'Export' module on the tool bar, which will help with 6-9, but there doesn't appear to be a way to fix the export selection (1-5).

So, that is my suggestion, a fixed exporting selection (either based on marker names, or time).



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