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Instrument track inserts.

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There's seems to be a bug with inserting  Mono Instrument tracks. When trying to insert two of the same instruments. The output of Track 1 and 2 of the inserts are linked and not split - As seen in the picture.

It also sometimes creates 2 inserts and a midi track. 


Stereo outputs works fine. I hardly never use two of the same mono inserts, so it's been a while and I'm pretty sure this used to work before. 

Instrument Track Per Output and "Split Instrument Tracks" can't be selected at the same time. 


 Could that be the cause? 

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TTS-1 has 4 stereo outputs.

By default, all the parts are routed to the first stereo pair. You need to go into  the SYSTEM area of TTS-1 to re-assign which parts go to which stereo pair.

However even then, they're still stereo pairs.

In order for you to use it in mono, you'll have to pan part1 within TTS-1 hard left, and pan part 2 within TTS-1 hard right.

Once you've done that, your first track will appear on the first mono track, and the second on the second mono track.

You can then use the audio pan on each track to pan those instruments.

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