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17 hours ago, Bapu said:

Vocal is spot on. Very small crit. The song feels about 2bpm too slow.


Great "exact" cover though.


Now, about two months ago I was gonna do this one. Not now.

Thanks for the feedback!  I usually take the tempo right from the record, but this time the basics were all done by the time I got involved.



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3 hours ago, bjornpdx said:


You make some really good "exact" covers, this one and some others I've heard.
Kinda curious how you go about doing it. I'm thinking something to do with equalizer profiles?
Anyway, I enjoyed listening to your version.

Thank you so much.  On this one, another guy did the basics, so it is not exactly the same.  On mine I usually pull the real version into the DAW, match the tempo and listen while I figure parts out.  For the vocals, I usually sing along while listening and then let Melodyne do its magic.  I try to make each instrument sound like the real thing by itself, then keep listening to the real version to try and duplicate the mix.

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