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Sunvox and Minilogue

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So I was minding my own business enjoying my Korg Minilogue and then what the ... Korg released the Minilogue xd.  Ooo ... GAS kicked in, but I just got the Minilogue.  I thought it would be nice if someone created an add-on to provide these new features (better filter, digital wavs, effects).  Not to hard, any takers please.  Well I looked at the Korg FM Volca and wasn't sold.  So I turned to DIY.  I setup a Raspberry Pi with SunVox.  Long story short, wow SunVox is amazing.  I just wanted to point this out to any Synthesis explorers.  I can now run the midi out of the Minilogue into the midi in on Rasp Pi.  Add my Zoom CDR effects pedal and put my GAS in check...

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