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jonathan boose

VST plugins failing to load

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I'm not sure why this is but CbB is not recognizing Waves Grand Rhapsody.

I think it's Waves' most challenging install, LOL. The rest of their stuff works, no problem. 

Yes, I've contacted Waves but they haven't responded yet and they're closed for the weekend.

The sample libraries are installed where Waves wants them:

C :  > Users > Public > Waves Audio > Waves Sample Libraries > Grand Rhapsody SD

Waves Central says the plugin is activated and installed, but it doesn't show up in CbB when I go to insert a soft synth. 


Win 10 Pro
Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz
64 bit op sys
Lynx Aurora 16 ADC w/ AES16e card

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So this led to another problem. 

Left to my own devices with no help from Waves, I quickly went from the frying pan into the fire.

Now, NONE of my Waves plugins work!

CbB can't load the plugins from their location. I had relocated the enormous library in another location where Waves looks.  That seemed to create the problem but when I removed the library, the problem remained.  I get this same error message for every waves plugin:


2020-10-30_193609 fail to load.jpg

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I got phone support. Didn't know it was available on weekends. Basically there are things no one understands and the solution was to reinstall all the waves plugins. I was reluctant to use the "repair" function of Waves Central because it reinstalls everything. But it looks like it will only take a few hours, not a week. And I'll call Daniel back when it's finally done.


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