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Sean Michael Robinson

Requests: Spectral Editor, FFT declicker/denoiser

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Hello CWBBL folks!

First off, thank you for an amazing product. I've been a Sonar user since 8 and have been blown away by the new stability of the program.

Quick feature request--are there any plans to incorporate some FFT-based goodies? How about a spectral editor, a la the good but awkwardly-implemented Spectro VST? I've found that tool to be invaluable in eliminating oddities from recordings-- coughing, a clipboard drop in an auditorium, etc.

Similarly, there are various free de-noiser plugins (the Reaper suite) that also use FFT to eliminate noise. Once again, although there's a tool already available, the implementation is...lacking is a kind way to put it. I can only imagine what a BL-designed denoise tool, with the slickness and stability of the new version of CW, would look like.

I realize these requests might not fit in with the direction BL is heading! Just thought I'd toss out the ideas as one happy user who is always greatful for more :)

All the best,


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