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AAS Chromaphone 3


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27 minutes ago, Grem said:

I like the new UI much better. Seems more intuitive to me. 

Yes, I agree, and I have since parted with my cash :)

A Christmas present from me to me...


I saved my tweaked presets to a new bank and that allowed me to save them to the Chromaphone 3 Packs folder and I am now back up to speed with my little test project 👍


cheers, and thanks,


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I started with Swatches in the AAS player a few years ago, and then started collecting AAS sound banks whenever they were on special, or free.

Between Chromaphone, String Studio, and Ultra Analog, I couldn't help noticing that the Chromaphone sounds covered a much broader range of sounds than the others. And perhaps that even a few sound designers seem to have pushed way beyond what the AAS developers probably had in mind for a chromatic, percussive modeling synth.

It is much more than that to my ears! The arps, basses, effects, keys, guitars, leads, organs, pads, plucks, rhythmics, sequences, strings, sweeps, textures, and more make this an awesome synth!

Long story, short... I've always had Chromaphone on my wish list, so that I never felt that acquiring the sound banks for it  in advance was a wasted effort. I finally got Chromaphone 2 on sale earlier this year, and then grabbed the v3 update as soon as it arrived! 😁

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