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Dominic K

My ASIO Interface is not working only Cakewalk

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Hello, everyone.

I've been using "Yamaha Steinburg USB ASIO Device"( Just call "UR-242" ) and cakewalk



When loading the cakewalk project file, there is no way to control DAW because it repeats stop(maybe hang) and steady state.


I tested another asio based sound program( sound forge, reaper, foobar and so on ). but I can't find especially something is wrong.


Finally, I checked process handle via "Microsoft Process Explorer."

When it works ok, DAW Processor is loaded ysusb_asio64.dll( My Audio Interface driver ) entry and updated well. On the other hand when it has errors, that file is repeated unload and reload.

When I uninstall my drivers and Install asio4all alternatively, some tick sound is appeared when I play project, but all features are worked well.


How can I resolve this issue?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.



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Hi Dominic:

Welcome to the forum.  It always helps if you include you systems specs, including processor, motherboard,  RAM specs, etc.   Also, let us know what buffer settings you are using:   Under "Driver Settings" - Buffers in Playback Queue and Buffer Size; and under "Sync and Caching" - Playback and Recording I/O Buffer Size.  Those all may be factors but no one can help if they don't know how you have those parameters set.


1.  First, I would suggest that you try turning off "Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk is Not In Focus."

2.  Do you have any other programs running in the background that use that audio interface?  If so, close them.

3.  Did you disable all USB power saving?  If not, do it in Control Panel > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > USB Settings > USB Selective Suspend Settings:  Disabled

4.  Do you have another audio interface or soundcard enabled?  If so disable it.

5.  Did you download and install the latest driver and firmware from this website?  https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/downloads_ur242.html    If not, do it.

6.  Also, did you see the note on that website that says: 

"Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

The TOOLS for UR come with a Yamaha Steinberg USB driver component included. However, a newer version of the driver for your USB audio interface might be available on this page ( https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver.html ). The driver component can be updated separately in this case."


Good luck,




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Thanks for your reply Bill.

I checked each case and reapplied invalid option parameters, reinstalled newer driver.

Today my interface is working gracefully, but I'll check much more days cause I don't why problem is occured exactly in my device.

If I have more issue later, I'll post reproduce steps if it is possible.

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