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Pfundstein Audio Plugins Bassline FREE Public Beta


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For limited time and limited numbers only:

BassLine handcrafted basses [VST3 plug-in]

You can download the beta version of our next product for free from our web shop:


The new plug-in is a bundle containing two premium bass guitars:

BassLine Buster CW 4 (4-String regular bass)

BassLine Buster Std 8 (8-String bass with octave strings)

Please check out the link above for more details.


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So I gave it a try, and here are my initial thoughts.

  • The Rock Amp output sounds like fried rectums. The Clean and Direct DI sounds much better even when put through a free amp sim. (I used Duality Bass Studio)
  • The pop playing style that happens at velocities 100 or over feels a bit abrupt with a very sharp attack, which is fine on its own, but doesn't fit in well with the slower attack of the lower velocity groups. It would be nice if there was a ramp up to the pop playing style, so that the transition feels smoother.
  • I am not sure I like the way it does hammer-ons and pull-offs, there doesn't seem to be any way to control the attack transient of those articulations, as the velocity of the note played is what controls if the hammer-on/pull off range is a semitone or a whole tone. I would prefer an auto-legato system where if the end of a note overlaps with the start of the next note, it automatically plays the next note in a hammer-on or pull-off articulation if the next note is played at under 64 velocity, with a maximum range of...say 3 total semitones from the principal note, and the attack of the legato is determined by the velocity of the next note.
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