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Song Re-mastered, Eight Years Later


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Here's a blues tune I created in 2011. I mixed it in SONAR. Most of the tracks were recorded at StudioPros.  They also mixed and mastered the first version but I was unhappy with the result. (They did give me excellent individual tracks, however). So, I ended up re-mixing it myself and then sent it out for pro mastering.  The "loudness war" was in full swing at the time. The mastering guy me gave something very hot, and I was satisfied, I suppose.

Now there's a new loudness standard that's finally been adopted in America and Europe (Google LUFS and knock yourself out).  Peak power has been supplanted by 'integrated loudness' measure in LUFS (Loudness Units relative to Full Scale). For example, Anything streamed by Spotify now gets standardized to -14 LUFS so there's a big penalty to pay for squashing the life out of your recordings.

I have re-mixed and re-mastered the original song in Cakewalk to conform to a loudness of -14 LUFS. (The original version was a crazy -6 LUFS). I've included an image of the original and new wave forms. Here's the new and (I think) and much improved master.





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Forgetting the tech stuff, this to me sounds as close to a pro song I have ever heard here or on the old site, it has a very neat vocal line and oh so tight guitar ...is that a real Hammond?  So, as said forgetting the tech, it 's a great piece and I love it ... thanks for the post.

(BTW Even though Cubase 10 contains all the various 'LUFS' for Radio, Spot etc,   I sometimes use Audio Director v7 from CyberLink to give me a better compression value, sounds a bit naff but it works, so hey .. )

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Thanks very kindly SPAK for you great feedback on this tune. It took much time, effort and organization to produce.

The first version was probably the best it could be given the time, tools and skill level I had in 2011. All the tech blather above is my way of saying how pleased I am the state of the art for home producers like myself has advanced to a point where very old projects can be pulled up and actually improved upon.  When I listen to the mix now I hear dozens of subtleties that were simply buried on the first pass.

And yes, I do believe that is a real Hammond. I was brought forward in the new mix. It one of the things that was kind of buried before. 

Cheers... - D

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