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Paul Conroy


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Hi everyone!
My 2 cents, being a loyal user since DOS!

  • FX menu with search like mixcraft has
  • Tuner on audio tracks like mixcraft has
  • Get the new cakewalk stable! I'm still reverting back to the last releases of SONAR cos it doesn't crash like the newer versions.. Something happened between the last releases and the latest.. Before the revival of cakewalk, there was like a sweet point where sonar was stable and reliable with the heaviest workloads.. What happened?
  • Keep the best DAW going!


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Nice first two suggestions.

Regarding the stability: 
For me at least CbB has be come much more stable with better workflow and the bakers do nothing but continuously improving stability and fixing bugs each day (that doesn't mean that it is bugfree, of course). I've got the impression that many others feel the same when reading forum topics.

Would you mind sharing which problems you have encountered? In many cases with some forum help problems can be solved!

Often it is not the DAW but a pc setting or a plugin or another piece of software/hardware/driver that leads to problems. In case it is the DAW itself the bakers usually respond well and manage to fix the bug if you provide enough information (hardware and software versions incl. drivers, crash dump, observed actions that lead to the problem, etc.)

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