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Feature Request: Search Function for Any Long Lists, Plus Scroll Bar!

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I believe search functions for any long lists is a must for modern UI.

Imagine when doing mixing for a huge project with many tracks,  like more than 100 tracks, and you have a search function and scroll bar to look for a right out put.

It would be great!

When I needed to look for an sidechain input, usually, not only there are many tracks and plugins there but also many instances of  same compressor  were  used, it's like they have the same name in random order,  so finding the right one takes more time.

The gif below is a list for New Drum Map.  so It takes time to get the right one.



I know using  an arrow key makes it slightly faster...but as you already know it's nice to have them as we all use it on CbB browser.

like below. I think we all love this. 



For lists other than outputs and drum map, possibly lists for automation for a plugin can be long as well, so I might be great for them too.

This is an example from a different DAW I use, which I felt is so handy



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