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IK Total Studio Spectacular is back by popular demand

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1 hour ago, InstrEd said:

almost brought something I already had :(


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I’m paying every day for the same thing over and over again. 



Edith: hey!

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11 hours ago, Lee D said:

Why not just install the IK Software Manager which was released a few months ago?  Then it's just clicking a button to install everything.  

Because you want a backup of the Sounds, and using the IK Software Manager is bad for this because it does the following:

  1. Downloads ZIP Files
  2. Extracts the Zip File
  3. Runs installer
  4. Deletes the Extracted Data

Install the  applications through the manager, and then do the sounds yourself.  That way, you can extract them to your HDD in a nice backed up structure and install them in with just 6 installers being run.

If you use the manager, you have to re-extract everything over again.  Doing it yourself is actually faster, since you only have to run 6 installers to install everything if you extract the sound libraries into the same root directory.

The downloading and extracting is what takes time.  Installing them is trivial, beyond the potentially confusing way they give the installers in each sound library archive (for SampleTank 3) a different file name (despite it being the same actual file).

Most people will back this up to a HDD, due to the sheer size of the files.  You don't want to back up ZIP files to a HDD.  You want to back up a directory structure from which you can install directly.  Using the IK Product Manager means that you have to re-extract all of those files after it runs the installers, so it's actually a waste of time and a waste of Endurance if you're downloading  to an SSD.

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