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Small but effective request.

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Pleading request to highlight only the tracks from which you double click on to the last track/bus. 

The drag and highlight tracks or bus to mute or solo together is cool and been great for years - double click on any track is even better, and became a favourite in my workflow as it select every track instantly - cool way for easy mute and solo with Ctrl (but the downside is, it selects every track.) 

So it got me thinking, what if you have 64 tracks, but only want to solo or mute  every track from track 12 to 64 - wouldn't it be great to just double click on track 12 to select every track from 12 up to 64 by holding down Ctrl without having to move the window to select ever track/bus and leave every track from 11 down track 1 not selected? That would be a simple but awesome feature to have too. 

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