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Shining Lights Side 1

Joe Pishtey

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Hey all new here and enjoying what I’m seeing and hearing.

Figured this would be a good spot for some feedback

Below is Side 1 to a project I have been working on. Its about 15 min and best through headphones. Warning it’s a little political in nature not taking sides per say just the perspective from an observer from above. 

Im not a vocalist but had to get the lyrics in place hopefully I can get hooked back up with an old friend to have him record the vocals at some point. Everything is me except drum tracks. 

Feedback appreciated. 

Basically recording from Fender Mustang III into auidiobox into Cakewalk with many plugins.....





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Wow, quite an ambitious piece, reminiscent of Pink Floyd, and your vocal delivery is Roger Waters-like.  The first 3 minutes or so seemed a bit 'full-on' from the start, could maybe strip things back to start with then add instruments in to keep the interest up and build the arrangement. Lyrically it's a little bit obvious, I ended up playing 'guess the next rhyme' and got most of them right. Some cool stuff going on though, I liked the atmospheric bridging sections.

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I agree with James about the full-on start from the get-go. Might build it a little.

Vocal clarity needs a bit of help - I think that excellent phaser flangey guitar is masking  the vocals. And your vocals have gobs of treatment on them.  Might look at some different pannng, or better yet, if you haven't already, cut an eq dip in the guitar where you want to poke the vocal through. Something like that.


When the guitar solo comes in, really really sweet!!!

Now this is how you groove with a Pict! Loved it.


__- - --

the second song, that acoustic guitar is really bright, and the vocals are doubled with delay? I'd knock some upper 6 - 10khz eq out of that guitar and that might help vocal clarity. 


third song, like that groove and the guitar lines. Drums are a little buried on this. Turn 'em up a tad maybe? Very very tasty lead guitar choices.

I didn't like how it ended abruptly so the UFO's could come in.  :)



Q- why is this a blend of songs, as opposed to giving each one a life of its own? I'm sure you have your reasons . . . just a thought.


Overall it's an ambitious collection of seriously good tunes, just needs some mix polish. Your vocals sound good, just maybe less goop on them and turn them up a little.








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