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Feature request: create bus from group

Javi Grex

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this operation takes three clicks... what more of a shortcut could you be looking for?

-swipe to select tracks (1st click)-cntrl

-click on output for quick grouping (2nd click)

-select "new stereo bus" (3rd click)


I think any other option for this operation would result in more clicks or "movements"...

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When you work with 100 tracks grouped in 20 groups and you are going to start the mixing process, believe me that doing that process of "3 clicks" is long and tedious. As I mentioned, you just have to select all the folders (select all), right click, create buses from selected groups and voilà. The bus would not have to be renamed because the same name as the group would be used.

I suppose it will depend on the workflow of each one and the number of tracks and groups used.

Personally I prefer other feature requests, but being open feedback, I think it's good that all opinions are heard.

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