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Future Audio Insert requests.

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Good Day Bakers. 

We all know the comfort of working with keyboard shortcuts and how it saves time, right? 

Another add-on option to an existing keyboard shortcut would be amazing to have at our disposal too. Can the option of choosing a "Mono and Stereo" Audio or Midi track output be added in the box below when pressing the "Insert key" on your keyboard in both pictures? The option is already there for instrument tracks - can we just add it to Audio tracks too?


This option on the computer keyboard is an instant insert for audio tracks. So whenever you hit "insert" on your keyboard the option should follow all the properties chosen for this feature and should the need be to choose a stereo audio track - it should be with Alt+Insert. 


Having it available in the second picture will benefit other users too.

It would be extremely awesome to have it available in all aspect of track inserts, as all of our workflow and creativity differs from one another.  For instance, I'm a shortcut and floating window nerd - so I hardly do the mouse click inserts.  

I pray that this reach someone's attention. 



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