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Flavio Cangialosi

OUT NOW: Xperimenta Kantele

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We are really excited to release XPERIMENTA Kantele, a sampled library of three beautiful Kanteles (including the Concerto Kantele) played by the finnish musician and artist Emma Lomy and recorded in Sibelius Academy Studios (Helsinki).

INTRO PRICE 49$ (reg. 69$). Read more >



The kantele is the national instrument of Finland, and it belongs to a large family of string instruments called  "zithers". Read more about this wonderful instrument here.

“Finnish folk poetry recounts that the first kantele was made from the jaw bones of fish and the hair of young  maidens. When the first kantele was played, the sound was so beautiful that all living things started to cry. Their  tears rolled into the ocean, and when they touched the sea they turned into beautiful blue pearls.”

XPERIMENTA Kantele comes with 3 Kantele, 40 presets and 7 Creative Layers,  including piano, harmonics, psaltery, model d pad, guitar and more.


  • 3 Kanteles: Concerto, Round-Ended and Small.
  • 3 Microphone Settings + Mix
  • Extend your possibilities with 7 Creative layers (piano, harmonics, psaltery, pad, etc.)
  • Ethereal and smooth sound
  • 4 Dynamics with Round Robin
  • Smart ADSR (Shape) and Tone Control






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