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Josh Wolfer

Feature: Quick comp scoring

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When going through comps, I'd like an easy way to tag clips / clip groups with a rating. In the past I've changed the clip color, but that's not super practical. 

Basically, I want to listen to each take and if I hear pure gold, snip the clip for that take and mark it 5 stars. And similarly if it's a good, but not amazing take, snip it and rate it 4 stars. This makes it easier to identify the great clips later on to move around. 

This is especially nice if I plan on moving overlapping takes. IE: I have a couple 5 star takes in verse 1 and I want to move one of them over to verse 2 if I find out that verse2 only had 4 star takes. 

Please make it key bindable tool. ideally I'd use something like control + numpad 1-5 for these ratings and then maybe the star rating would show up next to where the clip fx bin is. 


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