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Performance Samples - OCEANIA II Released

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INTRO LOYALTY PRICE: $99 (if you own the original Oceania, use this code towards the end of the checkout process [before confirmation], applicable & valid only within the intro period)

INTRO PRICE: $149 (for those who don’t own the original Oceania)

Not much of a loyalty price.. so not for me.. but others may be interested.

Even if you got it at their "special" price in Jan.

"Oceania 1 at $79 through January 31, 2020,, and get a significant discount on 2 when released"

You're still paying more than if you just bought it now.

($79 + $99 upgrade) vs $149 (new)

I certainly don't see that as a "significant discount"

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I think they see them as two separate libraries.  So the "significant discount" is on buying both the combo of Oceania I and Oceania II. 

I have Oceania I but it's really not worth the full $269 price.  Oceania II most likely isn't worth the full $219 price.

I'd go $79 for Oceania II but more than that, I think I'll wait.

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