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New Installation on new computer MIDI problem

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Hi there.

Got myself a USB PCIe card with 4 ports. I have 4 "USB-to-MIDI cables". When putting in fist cable in first port, Cakewalk shows 1 I nput and 2 different output ( see pic). 


Which output should I use?

When connecting (USBtoMIDI-cables)  to all 4 USB- ports, not all ports shows up in cakewalk.  Have tested all cables, one at a time and they show up in Cakewalk.



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Most probably the cables aren't designed to have more than one of them plugged in at the same time.

The other issue with those cables is that the internal buffer size is ridiculously small.  It can't cope with receiving MIDI data at USB speeds, whilst pumping it out at MIDI speeds (which is much slower). 

It'll probably be ok for one channel playing/recording notes,  but as soon as you start using pitch bend or modulation, the buffer will fill up and you'll get dropped notes and missing CC changes.  Forget SysEx or Aftertouch- it'll not cope at all.

Think about getting a dedicated multi-port interface - I'd have recommended the M-Audio MidiSport 4x4 but it looks like its discontinued. You might be able to get a second hand one though.

Another good one is the MidiTech MidiFace 4x4:  https://www.thomann.de/gb/miditech_midiface_4x4.htm

I've got the 8x8 version and it's fantastic.

Note: Not all multi-port interfaces are created equally... I've tried others that are basically using the same chip that your MIDI cable uses, and they've been essentially useless.  I do know the MidiSport 4x4 and MidiFace 4x4 work well - I can't speak for other ones.

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