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Mixed in Key - Back2School Sale

kevin H

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A discount on top of the bundle discount I think is a good deal.  At version 5, I like captain plugins. They keep improving them with free major updates which is also nice.  They do require an internet connection to use even within your daw just like their other plugins.  So be aware.  Main reason is it makes it harder to pirate so supports ongoing development and free updates.

From one of their posts:

Captain Plugins require an internet connection to use the generators (all plugins, not only Chords) 

In Offline mode, you can: 

Use the sounds inside the plugin

Get the MIDI notes you've already written

For everything else, you need an internet connection for it.


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I've read in this forum a few good words about captain plugins. Any opinions on the rest of the software?

E.g., the coupon also works for the producer collection, which includes a song key detection plugin and Odesi, but then Odesi sounds like it doesn't really add functionality on top of captain plugins, that it's essentially the same in a non-plugin format.

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I hand’t noticed they broke out captain beat like you mentioned.  I guess I was lucky too that got it bundled for free.  Would be cool to have a Captain Vocal next.  Maybe it could auto tune or interact with other captain plugins as a remix/mashup tool. 
Hopefully they don’t charge me for an upgrade after for giving them this idea hahah

I have other ideas but I’m sure they won’t adopt them like captain lazy, for writing songs for me while I nap.  Or they could partner with captain morgan to automatically control level of alcohol to make songs sound better in the studio.


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