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Ezdrummer - How to track 2 or 3 outputs into CW

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Hi there,

I promise I have done some in depth 'due diligence' across the Interwebs and the 'Tube already for this answer, but I haven't quite found it. And I will say in advance I am close to a total NOOB on Cakewalk. Just been playing around so far.

My question > I use EZDrummer2 and want to track into CW as

Track 3 - Kick

Track 2 - Snare

Track 1 - Rest of the Kit

I have done a Ezdrummer track already and have the outputs set up to match the above. But I'm just darned if I can work out how to get the tracks to show up in CW? I don't want to end up with 15 or 16 tracks. Just split out the snare and kick.

Any thoughts? And thanks a bunch in advance 🙏


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To add EZDrummer:
Use the + above the track pane.
The dialog defaults to Aio, change it to Instrument.
Use the dropdown to choose EZDrummer.
Click on Advanced.
Select Spl;it Instrument Track.
Bottom left, set it to 3 Tracks(s).
Click create.

You get 3 instrument-audio tracks, channels 1 to 3, and a MIDI track.
Put your MIDI in the MIDI track. You only need the one.

In EZDrummer, click on Mixer.
Just above the drum names is an orange number. That is the audio channel number.
Leave Kick at 1, change Snare to 2, change all the others to 3.

The 3 instrument-audio tracks will be kick, snare and everything else.


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Thanks so much Nigel 🙏 Would there be a way to track out to 3 tracks - after - I have already done a EZD groove I love on 1 single track? If not I can just manually copy the entire track 'properly' per your instructions I guess.


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MIDI data goes to EZD on 1 MIDI channel. So you only need a single MIDI track. With all the drums on it.
EZD has 16 audio channels. Those you can mix and match in the EZD mixer.

Useful information.
You are currently using 3 audio channels - kick, snare, rest.
If you should decide to have the toms on their own channel:
      Click on the EZD audio track with the highest channel number (In your case rest)
      Above the track pane do Tracks -> Append Instrument Track.
      This will add EZD audio channel 4.
      In the EZD mixer assign the toms to audio out 4.
      (It also adds a MIDI track, which you can delete.)

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