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Feature Request: Disabled controls display visible different & mirror the enabled equivalent

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Currently, when a control is disabled in the track inspector, there is no visual clue apart from the pop-up menu checkbox. Additionally, if another track to the same VSTi and MIDI channel has the control enabled, and therefore is the 'master', changing the 'master's'value makes no difference to the track (on the same VSTi & midi channel, ie 'slave').. i request that the slave control is shown visually differently to let the user know.

for example, in the current state, i have track 2 & 3 both going to the same VSTi (tts-1 in my example), but have the volume on track 2 set to 52, and the volume control on track 3 disabled. Currently, Track 2 would like like this:


And because i had set the value on track 3 before I disabled it, it would look like:

295779560_02currentcontrolledtrack.png.ba8e9830a866c3052f2227993802dcbd.png             981030790_02currentcontrolledtrack-disabled.png.a794932366f8ca403587c2320c07fae0.png

My proposal is two fold:

1. The disabled control on track 3 (same MIDI channel and VSTi as track 2) would have a visual clue that it is disabled (semi-transparent is just one possibility. I would make it darker than my example below, but its simply for illustration purposes)

2. It would actually follow the value set by the controlling track (i.e track 2 volume which is not disabled and goes to the same VSTi and MIDI channel)


PS: All the above is based on my use of MIDI and not Audio.

PPS: similar logic can be applied to the other controls eg Reverb & chorus etc etc etc

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