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John Bradley

BUN export bug?

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Just tried to do a backup of my current magnum opus to a BUN file, to transfer it to the PC in my band room. It zipped along as normal (always a thrill how fast it is compared to exporting audio), but at the end of the process it popped open a little tiny dialog box with the yellow "!" triangle... and nothing else. No text, just the icon and an OK button.

Not sure what that's all about. The resulting BUN file is 2.33GB (2,506,762,030 bytes). If there was a limitation on BUN file size, I'd have guessed 2GB, so that doesn't explain the cryptic error.

Also, I just opened the BUN and had it extract its files to a different location than my working project, and it all seems to be there.

So no clue what CbB (ver. 2020.08) was complaining about.

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