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Doug Walker

Missing Notation Font

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I've searched the modern forums and I do not see anything helpful.

There is an old forum post similar to what I'm experiencing:  http://forum.cakewalk.com/Solved-Staff-View-font-issue-Replaced-TTSNOTEttf-m3285422.aspx


According to that post, the problem was the missing TTSNOTE.TTF file.  I've searched for this font and it's ttf file on my computer and it's completely missing.  Any ideas?  Did Bandlab not acquire the license for TTSNOTE.TTF?




EDIT:  I found my old Sonar Platinum installer and installed it on a different computer, grabbed TTSNOTE.TTF and installed the font on my DAW.  The problem has been resolved now.  Still would like to know why TTSNOTE.TTF was not installed by Bandlab's version.

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