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Cool Sampler Concept Feature

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I'm just having fun thinking of how can Cakewalk make general sampling awesome. 

Here is my concept:

1. When you drag an audio to an empty space,( not an already made audio track), Cakewalk gives will you the option of choosing whether the audio will be placed in the usual audio track or a new instrument sampler track so that the keys can be changed in the piano roll. 

2. What makes Cakewalk sampler unique is that it will be opened and tweaked in the multidock instead of it acting like a normal vst ( For a more personalized experience ) .  It will also have all the features Fl sampler and Ableton Simpler has and them some (now I'm just going overboard😂😂😂)

3. Also the default key of the drum sampler would be C5 instead of C3.


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