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Link to my post yesterday.

The shift-key solution suggested a day ago worked pretty well, my projects opened smoothly, no pop up or lack of sound or whatever. But just now, the problem is at it again and this pop-up appears when I try to open it. And it's even worse

When I press Yes to All, the program closes itself again. When I press No to All, the program opens, but all the MIDI tracks I already programmed/made don't make a sound. Note that when I add new tracks though, they still make sound. But I don't want to start from square one, and have this problem roll around again the next day.

It seems like a VST/plugin problem considering the way my projects open when I choose No to All in the pop -up.

But I want to know, what on earth screws up in the system when I open projects some time after working with them? I opened this project twice yesterday (1 PM, 11 PM) and there was no issue, but more than 18 hours later (right now it's 6 PM) it's stubborn again.

This is so frustrating. I don't want to do this every time I want to work on my projects.


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On 9/19/2020 at 12:03 AM, Nigel Mackay said:

Always install both VST3 and VST2.

I do not endorse this practice as you have stated it. Given the choice, I only install the VST3 version, then if I run into trouble, I can always reinstall, this time selecting the VST2 version. Installing both can lead to duplicate versions of the plug-in showing up in Plug-in Browser. Not all plug-in manufacturers use the same identifier for both versions of their plug-ins.

A precaution might be to install the VST2 versions to a folder that isn't scanned by Cakewalk, then doing as you say, copying the VST2 to a folder that is scanned if you think something's wrong with the VST3 version.

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