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Eric Burnham

Cakewalk will not allow UA audio plug-ins to be used

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     I started having a problem with my Cakewalk project after a very recent download of a United Audio software update.  After the update, UA plug-ins were not enabled, and I got an error message shortly after starting the project, see the attached screen shot.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Cakewalk, and uninstalling and reinstalling UA software three times.  Then, I tried eliminating all of the UA demos in the plug-in manager, leaving only the ones I've bought.  This worked until I rebooted my computer to try to solve another problem with a different program; OBS studio.  After the reboot, Cakewalk returned to the same behavior as before, including the error in the screenshot.

Thanks in advance!


200907 UA troubleshooting screen shot 1.pptx

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