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Kazrog 36 Hr Sale


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Finally true iron will be mine! I’ve been waiting for this moment like the cheap ***** I am 😬


EDIT: bought! And it’s 50% off including the already $10 offf promotion so got it for $20. Steal!

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30 minutes ago, Fleer said:

Well done, Tom. 
Thought of going there as well, but I still have to go everywhere FabFilter Saturn 2 brings me, beyond and to the left. That’s one hell of a saturator, including those new transformers. 

SKNote AnyTesla is my goto for Transformers, love the sound of that thing (but it can't be pushed too hard). True Iron is great too, different flavours and can be pushed so I'm happy now I've got both. I demoed Saturn 2 quickly but didn't gel with the sound of it, maybe I need to try again!

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