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Keyboard Shortcut for Loop Start Time / Loop End Time


Keyboard Shortcut for Loop Start Time / Loop End Time?

Cakewalk - Cakewalk Documentation - Loop module
> Loop Start Time.?The current Loop Start time. Click to modify.
> Loop End Time.?The current Loop End time. Click to modify.

in S-key
it can only set, set start/End of data, goto from / to
not goto edit box.

I have setup all
F9 現在タイムを始点に設定
F10 現在タイムを終点に設定
Ctrl+F9        プロジェクトの始めを始点に設定
Ctrl+F10    プロジェクトの始めを終点に設定
Alt+F9  始点タイムにジャンプ
Alt+F10  終点タイムにジャンプ

now loop point is same as Selected area From/To time.
Reason is I use cakewalk longtime and now need very 
rapid edit again for current project.
so I rebuild all macro and CAL now.

From/To Edit was key to From and To edit. (old Win Cakewalk/DOS)

AHK(external macro) can do mouse move but sometimes delay.

now after reach to edit,
key [ ] + - works.

TB 120 -> I use most time +- 5 and 10
shift -5 tick before
- Edit Start Time
- key - (tick -1) (x 5)
- Edit End Time
- key + (tick +1) (x 5)

1 bar move
- key [ (move -1 bar)

after this, I do move to other track
for copy paste for move,  I will ask next post.

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