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Annoying volume drop when looping

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Does anyone else have this issue ?  When setting up a loop on a section of a track so that individual takes can be soloed and edited, it becomes apparent after a while that the overall track playback level drops by 3-4db for no apparent reason. As well as the volume drop their appears to be a loss of clarity in the overall sound.

It's really frustrating as the only way to recover the track is to close it and reopen, if it is saved first then the calrity / volume issue is preserved.

This has happened on a number of occassions and in one instance when I did a save before closing I had to go back to an earlier version of the track and redo all the work I had done on it.

I used to use Auto Save and found it really useful but even that causes issues now, my friend and I have found that it can freeze the track and make mouse commands unresponsive, again resulting in a close down and lost work. For now auto save is turned off but it seems like there are some fairly major bugs in Cakewalk now.

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