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Studio One 5.0.2 (not a deal)

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Not sure I saw this here, but Studio One v5.0.2 was just released.

Version 5.0.2 Release Notes (September 1, 2020):

New features and improvements:
● Podcast template now compatible with Studio One Prime

The following issues have been fixed:
● Waveforms not updated correctly while
- editing logarithmic and exponential fades
- applying clip gain envelopes on bent audio
● Many clip gain envelope edits will cause the user interface to become sluggish
● Potential crash on closing a song
● Notes in "Mix" record mode are overwritten in certain situations
● Parts are split on overdub
● [Impact XT] Eco Filter may cause ‘666’ errors on the console


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11 minutes ago, cclarry said:


Thanks!!  I knew I saw it somewhere.  Seems like  I will do just about anything to avoid the 'search' function on this forum!

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