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PA Any Plugin Sale!!!

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On 9/2/2020 at 5:04 AM, mister_tea said:

Yeah, the bottom of my mail states loyalty vouchers will be sent on the 7th, and sale ends on the 6th. Makes sense.

Must also be one coupon per order AND single-use coupons per accounts? Otherwise no reason to use the 39 or 49...

While the most recent stuff isn't included, stuff even just a couple months old is. The Orange and Fuchs ampsims are somewhat new though I have waaaaaay too many amp sims. 

And while the SSL J console isn't included, the licensed E/G are, along with the Townhouse comp, or the Lindell 80 for neve flavor, or phil's cascade for interesting saturation, or any of the elysia plugins, list goes on... and while I don't mind ilok, I know many do - no dongles or even ilok cloud.

Some of the business practices are a little annoying (unrealistic list prices coupled with >90% off, pushing of subs, attempt to make sub-only plugins), but in absolute terms, $30 or even $40-50 for many of these is a great deal. If anyone's new to PA this is a great time to pick up at least one perpetual license.


FWIW,  even if you've got tons of amp sims, the Fuchs ones are really,  really good - esp. the Train wreck one! I've got loads as well, but this one's a bit special IMO.

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5 hours ago, Max Arwood said:

I don't have many  plugins from PA.  Which ones can you recommend? I have the basics and them some, but always looking  for that something special! The only one I have bought from PA was Sandman Pro. It is Great!!



Any of the Lindell plugs are good. 

The SSL console strip is another good one. 

Console N is also good.

Opticon comp another good one

Black Box good.

Townhouse... excellent.

Maag.. either one

I could go on!!

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