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Hello, everyone.

I am grateful for the wonderful software BandLab have created called CAKEWALK.
But I would be more satisfied with CAKEWALK if some features were added.

I would like to see features added that are in other DAWs but not in Cakewalk.
The following functions can be done with the mouse, but I'd like to be able to do them with keyboard shortcuts.

[Track View]
[1]Maximize and minimize the active track.

[Pianoroll View]
[1]Selecting a note. (previous note/next note)
[2]Do the above while adding to the current selection.
[3]Change the length of the selected notes in grid units. (longer or shorte
[4]Set the length of the selected notes to the position of the next note. (legato function)
[5]Change the velocity of a note using keyboard shortcut. ()

If I could do the above with a keyboard shortcut, Cakewalk would be a lot easier to use.
Please consider adding the feature.

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1. Settings - Shortcuts --> Show Selection or similar (Don't know how it is called in english). Bind it to a shortcut.

    CTRL-Z to get back minimized.

1. Select a note and TAB and Shift+TAB 

2. Press your shortcut to set the "From" Time, use TAB and when you're done press your Shortcut to set "To" Time

3. Note_Length_  Cals, change the value +-10 to +-240 for sixteens or +-480 for eigths and bind the CAL to a shortcut

4. Legato and Endtime Cals

5. Velocity Cals





Note_Length_+10.cal Note_Length_-10.cal Note_Length.cal Transpose -12.cal Transpose +12.cal Velocity +3.cal Velocity -3.cal Velocity -1.cal Velocity +1.cal ENDTIME1.CAL ENDTIME2.CAL


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