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Equalizer to calibrate outputs (monitor pairs, earphones...)

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To calibrate sound of monitors and headphones, does anyone have found a free Parametric equalizer VST with:
- separate Left and Right controls  
- possibly with more than 4 P-bands ?

At the moment Prochannels EQ are actually stereo, but with 4 equal bands in common for L and R channels and mono display.

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You can do it with Meldaproduction's MEqualizer, which is one of the plug-ins in their FreeFXBundle.

If you need to EQ each side separately, it can do that, but you'll need to put 2 instances of it on your bus and set them to L and R, respectively.

Along with it, you'll get 36 other audio FX and tools (including oscillators and noise generators to help tune that room) to use for free. It's the second best deal in audio production software, IMO. You can upgrade the entire bundle to the Pro versions for about $50, or wait until they have a 50% off everything sale.

QRange that Nigel linked to is excellent as well, and linear phase. You can get it and more from lkjb's page. That's guaranteed to have the latest versions. VST4Free are great, but sometimes their download links for actively developed plug-ins get a little stale.

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