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Audio File to Melodyne to MIDI Help

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For the past few years I have been buying sheet music, scanning it into the computer with SmartScoreX2 (now SmartScore64) correcting the scan

and turning into a MIDI type 1 for cakewalk to use.
If necessary, I have learned how to split the file into left and right versions using the Staff view.

There are some songs that simply never made it to sheet music or a MIDI file.

Surfing around recently, I saw someone convert an audio file to MIDI in Fruity Loops.

I followed it and realized that Melodyne can convert audio to MIDI.

I am currently in Melodyne Studio 5.02.2003, loaded the audio; pulled up melodyne region effects; set the pitch and quantize to 100%; and then bounced the track to MIDI in melodyne.

The result was very close; The melody is there. The Bass line is a mess.

I am musically rather ignorant and have developed various tricks to get by.
I have a good ear and can hear when something is off.

I took an online course this spring on Music Theory which filled in many of my gaps in knowledge.

My question is:

Can anyone give me suggestions on correcting the produced MIDI which seems to have a lot of extra notes and is quite busy(?).

It is in the key of D major and I assume that should help me determine which notes are correct.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

If I can figure out how to do this, I'll have quite a bit of work to do on Music that did not reach sheet or MIDI level!

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