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Move Selection with Controller only on clips

Heinz Hupfer

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Made a Video from the problem. Trying to move a special selection and it works, but only if a clip is underneath.

What I did in the Video (With Controller)

1. Select Track

2. Select Clip

3. Isolate

4. Change Snap Settings (Very fast with a Rotor)

5. Zoom In

6. Select a portion of the clip (Jog)

7. Zoom Out

8. Move the selection and select some other Slice

9. Change the gain of the slice twice

10. Move on to the next slices

I'm doing this moving with a assigned CAL Script by 16th 


Now when the clip is at the end, it isn't moving anymore with the CAL. (Doesn't work on Midi Clips)


Could this be possible to move the selection further to the next clip without to have to bind the clips?

Would it be possible to implement this "moving" into the SDK like "EC Clip Left/Right/Up/Down" --> EC Selection Left/Right/Up/Down by Snap settings?


This "Moving Selection" is a huge time saver, you don't have to always select each portion to edit it!

Here the Video:


Thank you very much;)



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