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Can't Change Pitch / Key of Audio Loop Clip in Matrix




I'm trying to change the key of an Acided .wav loop file in the Matrix mode - but cannot. I assume I'm missing something but any input would be gratefully appreciated.

When I drag any (acidized) .wav audio loop file to a Matrix cell, it plays as expected. (Import as Groove Clip is selected in the top left of the Matrix Tool Bar)

When I double click the cell to open the Loop Construction view for that clip, then change the Pitch in the Loop Construction tool bar to transpose the clip from the original key to a new key, I can preview the playback of the clip / loop file in the new key using the Play button on the left of the tool bar in  Loop Construction window - BUT, when I close the Loop Construction view (or leave it open) to view/work in the Matrix view, then click on the Clip's cell to launch the music, the cell outline only  blinks as if it will start playing, but it fails to start the clip.  If I click the Cell or when I click Stop All Cells - the cell outline stops blinking 

This happens when in the Loop Construction window regardless of the settings below

  • When the clip's Loop On/Off in the drop-down setting  (on the Loop Construction toolbar) is set to On - or -  
  • When the Loop is set to Off and and the Stretch On/Off option is set to On - or -  
  • When the Loop Properties dialog  window is open - the Groove Clip / Enable Looping checkbox is selected - or
  • When the Follow Project Pitch checkbox is Deselected or Selected

Also, after I attempt the change the Key in this manner and return to the Matrix view - double clicking on the Clip cell no longer opens the Loop Construction window.

However - When I change the key of a clip that was dragged onto a track - using the Loop Construction view of that clip, or by double clicking the Clip in the track to open Clip Properties / Groove Clip settings, I can modify the clip's key there too - and the track will play in the new key.

I can also drag the modified Clip (with the new key) down to a new cell and it will launch/play the clip in the new key. So this has been my workaround - which requires more steps.


2020.08 - Build 100
Win 10 Home 2004 19041.388
Dell XPS 15 9570 - on TB16 Dock
Intel Core i7-8750 CPU 2.20GHz
Ram 32 GB
Presonus AudioBox USB 96
Launchkey 49 MK2
Voicemeeter Banana

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