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Editing CCs in the same window as MIDI events

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In the Piano Roll I like to work with my CCs on the main window—the same window as the MIDI events—instead of in the separate window at the bottom of the main window. In Sonar 6 and Platinum I used to be able to edit both the MIDI events and the CCs together in the same window. Now (since the Sonar X versions?) if I have a CC active on the main PRV screen I can’t edit the MIDI events anymore. Strangely, I can delete a MIDI event in this mode, but I can’t move it, I can’t resize it, I can’t alter its velocity, and when I click on it to hear it, it is mute. I have to keep on clicking on the tab at the top left corner to open the drop down menu and choose Notes/Velocity to do this. It becomes an extra step in the editing workflow, going to and fro from Notes/Velocity mode to CC mode on the main screen. In a heavy editing session this clunky procedure becomes an issue.

Is there a setting in Cakewalk by Bandlab that can bring back the old way of working, where the MIDI events and the CCs can be edited together in the same window?

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